Kids will never stop surprising us. This week's edition is brought to you by Little Ro and one of the moments I will cherish forever.

We are still struggling to get Little Ro to sit down like a normal person but we are genuinely enjoying our children.  Now that Lis is getting older, I’ve especially loved the memories Facebook reminds me of every day.  It puts a smile on my face when I see how much my girls look alike as babies.  This week’s edition of “These Kids are Crazy” is all thanks to a Facebook memory.

This week’s pretext…

As Little Ro is getting older, Clay and I have been reminiscing a lot lately about when Lis was little.  Both of our girls have very strong personalities but between the two, Lis’s personality is definitely more intense.

As soon as she was able to communicate, we realized that she had very strong feelings about the textures that could and could not touch her skin.  It makes clothes shopping very difficult but that’s a tale for another day.


Today’s story is about a texture that Lis loves…mud.  When she was around three years old, mud had the most satisfying texture ever.

It was a beautiful summer day so Lis and my brothers were playing in the hose in the front yard while I was at work.  They played happily for hours on end.  My Mom kept me updated throughout the day about what they were doing.  It made me feel more included in the summer fun, even though I wasn’t there.

I headed home right after work and was prepared to hear all about the fun that had ensued while I was away.  I pulled in the driveway, saw the hose laying in the yard, and a mud puddle under the big oak tree.  Nothing was out of the ordinary.

I set everything down and could smell that my Dad was grilling.  It smelled fantastic.  I headed out back to see what he had on the grill.

I was completely unprepared for what I was about to find…

Nothing could have prepared me for the absolutely adorable mess that was waiting just outside the door.

Apparently, after getting dried off and dressed, Lis went back outside to play in the mud puddle under the oak tree.  She started with her feet and moved steadily upward until she made it to her shoulders.  It was a very thick, even layer of mud that I can only imagine felt fantastic on such a hot day.

If I recall correctly, I was pretty aggravated at what I came home to.  Now, though, this is one of my favorite memories of her.  It so accurately represents her personality while highlighting the fact that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  I, no matter how old or young, would have absolutely lost it if there was mud on any one part of my body.  I could never handle mud being painted all over like this!

Obviously kids are crazy but this child took it to a whole new level! A mud bath was the only thing that would make her happy.

A lesson learned…

I’ve written a couple stories now for the “These Kids are Crazy” series.  This story makes me realize that even though these kids are nuts and they are literally giving me grey hairs, their crazy stories are some of my fondest memories.  These kids may be the death of me but it’s 100% worth it.  I will happily go grey if it means I have a thousand happy memories to look back on.