These Kids are Crazy

The Slime Incident

Setting the Stage

It was October 7, 2016.  A week prior, my sister-in-law had suggested we do something fun with all of the kids since she was babysitting.  She suggested that we make slime.  She had found a cool recipe on Pinterest and she had all of the “ingredients”.  Never having made slime before, I was naïve and agreed.  I was prepared with a fun Halloween table cloth, juice pouches, and snacks for everyone.  I was three days away from delivering Little Ro so I was super freaking pregnant.

For the love of God, do not be making slime when you're three days out from your due date.

Enter the kids.

At the time, the kids were 7, 7, 6, and 5.  Now mind you, while I consider my house kid friendly, I do not tolerate messes well.  I have some pretty strict rules about taking care of the things around you and cleaning up after yourself.  Three of these kids were not accustomed to my rules and I was doing my “9 and 1/2 month pregnant best” to remember that they were just being kids.

Let’s just say it didn’t exactly end well.

Enter the slime.

Everything started off innocently enough.  Tina brought all of the supplies and a bucket to mix everything in.  Each kid sat nicely around the table and took a turn emptying the glue into the bucket.  You can see how patiently they were waiting.  It was truly impressive.

You can see how patiently they are waiting for their slime.

Everyone was adding their mix in’s into the concoction and we stirred and stirred and stirred.  The slime was super sticky and nothing that we were doing was making it any better.  Just look at her face.  This is not what the slime was supposed to look like and she knew it.

This sime was just not working.

We decided to put a small portion into plastic baggies for all of the kids.  We hoped that as they kneaded it in the bag, it would become less sticky.  The kids must not have heard us say, “Keep the bag closed” because they all reached their hands in.  This is the last picture I took because this is when shit hit the fan.

No one heard us say "Keep the bag closed" because everyone put their hands in to grab the slime.

I lost my cool.

I can’t exactly recall the order of events but I remember that I was losing my mind.  There were 4 young kids, all whose hands were covered in goopy, runny slime, walking around the house trying to figure out what to do.  I tried to get everyone to a sink to wash their hands but it was not my most successful endeavor.  There was slime on the walls, on the chairs, on the windows, and on the carpet.

At this exact moment, my husband and brother-in-law walked into the house.  Somehow, they had found a way to escape the madness that is four children.  I looked at both my brother and sister-in-law, red faced and near tears, and practically screamed, “You have to leave…now.”  I’m pretty sure I said, “I don’t care, get out” numerous times.  They got the kids rounded up and out the door as fast as they could.

Because of that night, slime was banned.

With the increased popularity of slime, Lis was super unhappy with my unwavering ban.  I’m sure that being 9 and a half months pregnant didn’t help matters but there was absolutely no way in hell I was going to endure an experience like that again.

It’s only been in recent weeks that I’ve allowed her to bring even store bought slime back into the house.  Lis is now 9 years old and has matured significantly.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure the image of her enormous, demon faced, screaming mother is burned into her memory.  She knows the rules with the slime and that if there is ever another incident, she will never touch it again.


With all of that being said, one of Lis’s Christmas presents this year was a DIY slime kit.  If your kids are slime obsessed, check it out.  She loves it.