I love the idea of a flower bed.  They add so much life, color, and character to your property.  You get to play around in the dirt, work on your tan, and smell all of the wonderful smells while you are working.  All in all, flower gardens are a win/win situation in my opinion.

Our back flower bed is rather large, approximately 10’x2’ for a total of 200 sq. ft., and has proven to be a lot of work.  Because I know that annuals and I are just not suited for each other, this flower bed is 99% filled with perennials.  It just works better that way.

We have a local discount store called 380 Auction and every spring, they fill their greenhouses with some of the most amazing flowers.  All of their 6” perennials are 5 for $20!  That’s a GREAT price.  And they are such healthy, hardy flowers.  All of my flowers purchased there have survived, despite my natural inclination to kill them.

This year, though, my favorite flower bed is looking a little dismal to say the least.  When we planted it in the summer of 2016, we never edged it properly so it blended in to the yard.  Then at the beginning of this past summer (2017), we were flat broke and didn’t have an extra dime to allocate to mulching my flower bed.  It’s time, though.  It needs some sprucing up.

I marched my butt back there, gardening tools in my gloved hands and got to work.  I pulled all of the weeds and threw those suckers behind the shed where they belong.  While all of this was happening, my husband, the most amazing man that he is, set up an easy up tent for me so that I didn’t shrivel away from the heat.  This tent to be exact.  And along the way, I had a helping hand.

Next, I sauntered over to the neighbor’s house to borrow their edger.

Now I need to take a quick moment to rave about the powers of an edger.  This tool is so amazing that I literally cannot rave enough about it.  It creates a perfect edge for your flower garden and is sooo incredibly easy to use.  This boy right here has become my wing man.  I have used it to easily remove sod for additional flower gardens (meaning that my husband is not griping about having to do more yard work), easily reshape my flower gardens, and to tidy up the edges of my existing flower gardens.  I’m telling you guys…that $22 is going to be the best $22 dollars you’ve ever spent.  No joke. 

Now back to business.  I went ahead and used my right-hand man to sharpen the edges of my flower bed.  We are talking about all of ten minutes here.  Then I went ahead and stole the edging from my front flower garden to use for this flower bed.  The edging I used is very similar to this one. It wasn’t right for the front garden so I had no regrets.  No more blending into the yard! 

After I put the edging in, I used the dirt displaced by the edger and packed it behind the edging to keep it in place. And because those weeds get on my last nerve, I sprayed some round up on and right behind the new edging. I meant business here. I’m so over having to be constantly pulling those suckers.

Finally, I used a few dollars and went and got some mulch. This flower bed took four of these bags from Lowes. Me personally, I’m a brown mulch kind of gal. It just looks most natural to me and that’s the way I like it. The best part is, the mulch only cost $14.25. That’s not bad at all!

So for $14.25, I totally revitalized my back flower garden. Obviously, it will look even more gorgeous when everything is in full bloom. But for now, I’m happy with it. 😊 Next is to paint the shed to give these beautiful flowers a nice background.


While Clayton and I were completing our Front Porch Makeover, I brought a lot of flowers from the front flower bed to the back flower bed.  It really made it look nice with all of the added fullness.  I’m finding that most of my flowers are having a hard time blooming this year because of weather conditions but even the added greenery increases the visual appeal!