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Purple and Teal Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Purple and Teal Gender Neutral Baby Shower

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Baby showers are so much fun for me.  Celebrating the life to be born and the mother as she fosters and nourishes that life is just so exciting.  Every way you look at it, welcoming a new baby is a jubilant time.  My family, friends, and I were equally as excited to celebrate as my husband and I awaited the arrival of our second daughter, Rory.

My husband and I chose not to announce the gender of our baby until the day of the shower.  Read why in Why You Should Opt for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower.  Because of that, our shower was gender neutral.  At one point the idea of a pink and blue shower was discussed but I do not like pink and blue very much so I asked that the color scheme be purple (feminine) and teal (masculine).

The inspiration:

Purple, teal, and grey baby shower invitations


This invitation is what sparked my entire idea for a purple and teal baby shower.  I just loved the colors of this invitation because to me, it does not suggest the gender of the baby at all.

How it all unfolded:

Many of my family and friends contributed to this baby shower in different ways.  My sister-in-law, Tina, handled the organization of almost everything.  Organization is hands down her strong suit.  My wonderful friends, Megan and Jackie, tackled a number of the DIY projects as well as cooking.  My mother and mother-in-law handled small details such as the favors and extended family members made different dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Food made by many family members all on display

Tina printed off small tags to match the invitations that labeled all of the food.  One of the small things that I love about celebrating with family is the “mismatched” appearance of it all.  Each dish was made and brought by someone I love and the serving dish represents their personalities and a history of who they are.


We decided that everything would be kept relatively simple so there were only three drinks offered: iced tea, bottled water, and fruit punch.  The fruit punch was made using this recipe.  However, we used the traditional Hawaiian Punch flavor.  It was delicious!

The cookie table!

Baby Shower cookiesSome of you may have heard of the “Pittsburgh Cookie Table”.  It’s usually associated with Pittsburgh weddings but I’m here to tell you that any formal get together held in the Pittsburgh area will have a cookie table.  It just wouldn’t be right without it.  So here is the cookie table from our gender neutral baby shower.

Vases, favors, and games laid out on the tablesEach table was decorated beautifully with two sets of purple and teal vases, each with a flower or two.  I loved how simple, yet beautiful they were.  Each seat was set with two small favors: a small silver box of Hershey’s kisses and a tea light with a poem.  Everyone also got a pen and a set of lips and a mustache for the games we played.  It was 100% coincidental that the chairs matched the color scheme!

Now for my favorite part…

Gender reveal and big sister advice cardsI had mentioned before that we chose not to reveal the gender until the day of the shower.  Well…this is how we did it.  I printed one of our Gender Reveal Paint Battle photos on a canvas at Walmart to display on an easel.  I also wanted to showcase the “it’s a girl” canvas that Annalise and I worked on together.  In the middle are the small gifts given to the winners of the games.  The banner on the front was made by my friend Jackie.  She picked up an all-in-one kit from Michaels and I think it turned out great!  Finally, on the right is a station specifically for Annalise.

Because I was not a first time mom, it almost seemed silly to have “advice for mom” cards.  But Annalise was a first time big sister and we did everything we could, throughout my entire pregnancy, to make her feel as special as possible.  You can see the beautiful pin that Megan made for her identifying her to all of our guests that she was, in fact, the new big sister.  She wore it proudly!

Even a year later, Annalise still has that box with all of the advice given to her by our family and friends.  And every so often, I will find her in her room just looking through those words of wisdom.  It’s the sweetest thing and I’m so happy that she loves being a big sister.

Final thoughts…

This was such an incredible day for all of us and I’m so thankful for all of those who worked together to make it beautiful and memorable.  There were many get-togethers that I was fortunate enough to be a part of for this shower and I will forever be grateful for that.  I will always cherish the memories of the laughs shared as we worked on all of the DIY projects.  Those nights added to the overall experience and I wouldn’t change that for the world!