One Parenting Tip that Will Change Everything

Every last one of us wants to be the best parent we can be.  We look for that magical parenting tip that will guide us in the right direction, we read books that tell us about almost every theory out there, and we rely on the wisdom of our family who have done this before us.

I have for you, a parenting tip that you have probably never heard before.

Be proud of yourself.  Every time your kids do something successfully you say, “I’m really proud of you.”  You do it to build their self esteem, to show them that you care, and to encourage them to always try new things.  But what about your self esteem?  You could always benefit for a self esteem builder, couldn’t you?  Of course you could!  What about encouragement?  You definitely need that too.  And as an adult, trying new things can be hard.  You’re older now and a little set in your ways.  You know what works so you stick to it.  But sometimes you need to try new things.  It’s how we better ourselves.

It’s difficult to recognize your own successes when you are focused almost entirely on those around you.  On what your children need, on what your bosses tell you, on what your husband or wife has to say at the end of the day, etc.  Yes, you care about all of those things but it’s important to recognize and reward yourself as well.

I want you to try something that may sound a little weird.  The next time you accomplish something, say out loud,

“I’m really proud of myself.”

After you finish an entire sink full of dishes, say it.

After you nail the interview, say it.

After you’ve showered for the first time in three days because you’ve fallen into a deep depression, say it.

After you go to the gym for the fourth time this week, say it.

After you stop yourself from yelling at your kids, say it.

No matter how large or small an accomplishment is, it’s something that you had to consciously work towards.  Therefore, you succeeded and you should be proud of yourself.  When you start praising yourself for the small wins, the big ones will come a little easier, your general outlook will be brighter, and the failures will be easier to bear.

Being a parent is not easy.  I’m pretty sure we all know that after just a hint of experience.  How is being proud of yourself going to make you a better parent, though?  You will feel more confident and more relaxed which will make you a happier person.  When you are happy, you are a better parent.

I really hope that this one parenting tip helps you because it helped me.

Today, I told myself that I was proud because I took the time to sit down with my family and play a board game.  I’m proud because I’ve struggled to connect with my daughter in the past and this small act brought us all closer.  I’m proud because I’m maturing as a woman and as a mother.

Why were you proud of yourself today?  I really want to hear all about it.



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