See the pins that inspired the design of my own living room.

When we bought our house in 2015, we were essentially given a blank canvas to work with.  Our living room was incredibly bland and relatively small.  I knew that I wanted it to be warm, cozy, and inviting when it was all said and done.

I searched on Pinterest for weeks for the perfect color schemes, furniture arrangements, entry table displays, photo displays, mantles, curtains, lighting, rugs, etc.

I’m incredibly happy with how everything turned out.  Let me show you the cornerstone pins that really drove the design of our living room.

The Fireplace

The fireplace is what initially attracted my husband to our home when we looked at it.  It is a gorgeous stone fireplace that is really the focal point of the room.  We had initially wanted to put a beautiful, glass insert in.  As it turns out, those inserts are incredibly expensive (around $700 for the ones we were looking at).  We had a little bit stashed away but it could be used for some other things and go a lot further.  Thus, the Faux Fireplace Insert by Morgan over at Pepper Design.

Beautiful faux wood fireplace insert. Wonderful alternative to fireplace screens and doors.

The Layout

Our front door opens directly into our living room.  Personally, I don’t like it.  I wanted to find a way to define an entrance separate from the living room so that people could comfortably take off their shoes (and not trample all through my house with them on).  Stacey over at South Shore Decorating Blog provided just the inspiration I needed in this post.  She talks about numerous ways to address a front door that leads directly into the living room but I was particularly fond of the idea of using furniture to define two spaces.

Positioning your furniture away from the front door instead of towards it helps define the space.Color Scheme

When I found this living room at Far Above Rubies I knew it was the exact level of cozy I was looking for.  I set out on a mad hunt for the perfect color of green paint.  I finally found it and my husband and mother-in-law were kind enough to paint while I was at work one day.  Seconds after they got the color on the wall, I received half a dozen or so “Are you sure?” messages.  I was 100% sure.

This living room is nothing but warm and inviting. Which is what made it my favorite living room inspiration.Entry Table

With our “entry way” defined, I wanted to include a decorative yet functional console table.  We were faced with the unique situation, though, that the table had to be very small because of how little room I had to work with.  I this pin is what ultimately inspired me.  I loved the simplicity of the table and the mirror overtop.  It all just worked for me.

An simple yet elegant entry table. I just fell in love with it.


As of today, I have not revealed our own living room but I really can’t wait to.  You will see how I was able to use the ideas of these women and create a space of our own.  In the meantime, check out our “before” photo in Mrs. Pigeon’s First Time Home Tour.

I will be sharing our own living room with you all very soon!

  • Melissa Javan

    Love the green feel to the living room. And the fire place idea, gorgeous!

  • Juanita Deloris

    I enjoyed reading this. You’ve got me thinking about our living room 🙂