These Kids are Crazy

Just One of the Sweetest Moments of My Life

I’ve been sharing the crazy stories of my kids for a while now.  Today’s post is a sweet story about the bond my girls share and my first kiss.

A Bond Between Sisters

Lis and Little Ro are close to eight years apart.  When Clay and I were pregnant with Little Ro, one of our major concerns was staving off any jealousy that Lis may feel while cultivating a sisterly bond between them.

There are times that Lis does get jealous but the bond between them is like nothing we ever could have imagined.  They are closer than any siblings I’ve ever met in my life and it just makes my heart melt.  Despite their age difference, they do absolutely everything they can together.  They read stories together.  Lis will read the words while Little Ro points at the pictures, babbles away, and turns the pages.  They play hide and seek, they chase each other, and as Little Ro gets a little older, they are playing with the doll house together.  The even brush their teeth together!  They are the absolute best of friends and I can’t even remember what it was like before Little Ro got here.

These girls are the absolute best of friends.  We couldn't have hoped for more.

Little Ro Learned to Give Kisses

One thing that every parent looks forward to is when their baby learns to give kisses.  We are no exception to that.  Little Ro learned to give kisses about two months ago but………..she will only give kisses to her Sissy!  Little Ro will readily give her big Sissy a smooch but no one else, no matter how much we try.

Both Clay and I have been a little sad over this because we want kisses too!

My First Kiss

On 12/11/2017, I got my first kiss from Little Ro.  We were rocking in her rocking chair getting ready for a nap.  She was snuggled up in my arms, close to sleep.  She reached up with her little hand and made her “kissy face”.  (Just wait guys…her kissy face is priceless.)  Despite being so close to sleep, she sat up and gave me a little kiss, right on the lips.

Guys, I was done.  Just like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes in that moment.  I was ready to cry just looking at that beautiful baby.  We snuggled for a few more minutes before I laid her down.

There it is folks.  Her "come give me a kiss" face.  It remarkable resembles her "Ewwww face".I will tell you, though, that as soon as I laid her down, she started screaming and refused to actually sleep and I have not gotten another kiss yet.  I’ll cherish that first one forever!