See what the house looked like the day we bought it. Enjoy my first ever home tour. Where it all began.

I want to give you a tour of our home the day we bought it.  We knew when we made our offer that this house was a “fixer upper” but we were young (and really we still are) and knew that we had a lot of life to give to this house.

I want to give you this tour because it is our “beginning” in this home.  From here on out, I am going to be giving you an “updated home tour” every so often so that you can see that nothing happens over night.  Today, almost two years after we purchased our home, it looks totally different but we have worked our asses off to get where we are.  We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and nothing will ever be “done”.

So without further ado, let me show you around…

While lacking in curb appeal, we loved the traditional look of the exterior.  Obviously the enormous truck holding all of our worldly belongings is preventing a full view but at the time, we weren’t thinking about getting a picture that offered the full view.

You may notice that the railing on the front porch in incomplete.  Specifically, there is no hand railing on the steps that are behind the bushes.  In August of 2017, we redid the front porch.  See the whole makeover in my Front Porch Makeover post.

Our home tour begins on moving day. It was an incredibly exciting, event filled day.

The Living Areas

We had significant delays with our closing so by the time we were actually handed the keys, it was pretty late and dark outside.  You can see, though, that the living room was relatively boring.  It was painted a plain white and had terribly outdated carpet that extended into the dining room.

Keep in mind for a moment that I wasn’t totally focused on taking detailed photos that night…but do you see that bookshelf looking thing in the left corner of the picture below?  That was a planter!  Like a 3’x3′ planter.  It had dirt in it and everything!  The living room was all white and had incredibly outdated carpet.

The hallway was bland but really didn’t require much until we pulled up the carpet and discovered extensive pet damage.  There were between 8 and 10 urine stains mostly the size of a large puddle.  We had to re-carpet the hallway because of that.

Even the hallway was white and outdated.

The kitchen was pretty rough with the exception of the cabinets.  The cabinets are solid hickory wood.  While personally not what I would have chosen, they were in great condition.  The carpet was terrible and clearly worn out.  There was a lot to do in here in general but we were very happy to be able to use the cabinets.  At least until we have more money to do a complete kitchen overhaul.

The kitchen was in rough condition to say the least.

There was literally nothing we could save in the basement.  We had water damage, the ceiling needed replaced, the bathroom needed to be gutted, we ended up moving walls back so that we had more space, we removed dangerous wiring and replaced it with safe, up to code wiring, etc. etc.  It was a huge job that had to wait almost a full year.  Real life was back in full swing and we didn’t really have too much time or money to dedicate to the basement.

The basement was stuck in the 70's.

The Bedrooms

This first bedroom was not too terrible on the eyes, I suppose, but it really wasn’t for us.  We knew that it would eventually be a nursery and obviously we couldn’t predict the gender so we needed a neutral color.  A good cleaning and a coat of paint is all this room needed.  Maybe someday we will either refinish the hardwoods or lay carpet.  Only time will tell.Bedroom one had a very unique blue color.

This delightful vomit green color?  That was our master bedroom!  Needless to say, it had to go.  I had initially chosen an off-white color but after the first coat, Clay hated it.  Back to Lowes for a new color but that’s for a different post.

And the closet doors…all three of the bedrooms had those floor to ceiling closet doors.  As of 2017, we have brought the bulk head down to a normal height in two of the three bedrooms.  The master bedroom was hideous!This room was too much for me to handle.  It was a Pepto Bismol pink that just hurt my eyes.  Not to mention, the carpet had seen better days.  Luckily, this room only needed a fresh coat of paint and some cleaning.  This bedroom was painted the classic color of "Pepto Bismol".

The Bathrooms

This bathroom…I have no words yet so many words for this bathroom.  There was no floor (what you see is the sub-flooring), some of the ugliest tile I had ever seen in my life over half way up the walls, and wallpaper.  There was even wallpaper on the ceiling!  Like…what the hell?  We literally demolished this bathroom the night we closed on the house.  Friends helped us unload the truck, we got Lis to bed at my grandparents, and we grabbed the hammer and crow bar.  We had a lot of fun with it.This bathroom was the aboslute worst!This picture really doesn’t even begin to capture the “essence” of this bathroom.  The layout is relatively strange with the shower to the left, the sink straight ahead, and the toilet behind the door.  We gutted it at the same time we gutted the basement but we still haven’t had to opportunity to complete it.  We are hoping that some time in the year 2018 we will get to it.This bathroom was in pretty rough shape and laid out pretty oddly.

The Outside

When we were doing the wiring inside, we discovered that there was no discernible wiring that led to the lamp post in the front yard so we took it out.  It was an easy project and took less than an hour to take it all out.  The bushes all came out one day when my brother-in-law showed up with his truck and Clay announced, “We’re taking the bushes out today.”

For your personal reference, a home project should never be started based on an announcement.  You need a plan.  Otherwise, you are going to spend twice as much time, money, and effort doing it.The house was decently kept but needed some updating.The shed in the back yard was original to the house and had some significant damage to it from age.  There were holes in two of the walls, there was water damage, and it was close to falling apart because of a decaying frame.  To prevent the wind from knocking it over, we redid the framing and replaced the two most damaged walls.  Right now, it’s two different colors and it could use some trim but at least it’s standing.  When the spring rolls around, we might make this a weekend project.The original shed was in dire need of a makeover.

This concludes our home tour.  As I mentioned in My Picket Fence is Blue, we live in a reasonably sized, three bedroom, two bath home.  I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve accomplished!