It’s no secret that babies are expensive.  Like, break the bank kind of expensive.  But, there’s an easy way to save money on baby clothes.

Buying baby clothes is one of the most fun parts when you are expecting, at least in my opinion.

If you’ve already announced the gender of your baby, you can expect to get a lot of baby clothes at your shower in the 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes.  It happens at all baby showers.

What about after that, though?

You’re left with the task of purchasing an entire wardrobe for a tiny human every three to six months.  Now, one would think, being that this human requires significantly less fabric to clothe, the clothes would be less expensive.  WRONG!

Baby clothes can run you broke if you buy retail.

Option #1

Enter this magical option called the garage sale!  In some regions, it may be called a yard sale.  Regardless of where you are from, this type of sale is when other families are trying to sell their no longer used items at a ridiculously low price.  There is seriously no better way to save money on baby clothes.

Now some of you may think that buying second hand is dirty.  Or that you will be getting only low quality, off brand baby clothes.

Let me show you what all I got at one of the most recent neighborhood sales.

Lot of 18month and 2T clothes purchased at a garage sale to save money

Lot of 12month baby clothes

In these two lots, there are The Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Calvin Klein, First Impressions, Green Dog, Gerber, and Gymboree.

Collage of individual clothing items purchased at garage sale

Retail, these items would cost more than $100!  That’s crazy to me.

Do you want to know how much I paid?

I paid a whopping $9!  I walked away with a total of 5 footie pajamas, 6 dresses, 7 tops, 1 onesie, 1 swimsuit, and two bottoms.  They range in size from 12 months to 2T because I know that my youngest is going to be moving up in size during the “off” season.

When I say “off” season, I mean there will be no garage sales.  Keep up everyone!  Garage saling is serious business.

One problem that some people will tell me they have is that they never know where the sales are.  Well my friend, check out garage sale finding website.  It’s amazing and you have no excuse to miss those sales then!

Option #2

Hand me downs are a great way to save money on baby clothes.  If you are lucky enough to have family or friends with children just a touch older than your new bundle of joy, there is a fairly good chance that they will try to pawn off some of their clothes to you.  Accept these clothes if you can.  You don’t have to put your baby in all of what you are given but you will most likely find some amazing outfits in there.

My best ever hand me downs were received from a friend of a friend.  There were so many bags and I was able to use so many of them.  This was for my oldest right before the start of school when she was going into second grade.  In the bags, there were some great brands: Justice, Limited Too, Gap, Oshkosh, Nike, Under Armor, etc.  Even after I went through the bags, though, there were a ton left that I passed on to a friend of mine and she was able to use everything that was left.  That act of kindness was a huge help to both me and my friend.

Then if you are given the opportunity, give your kids hand me downs to someone you know.  Keep the cycle going and it will come back to you.  🙂  When we work together, we all benefit.

**If you accept hand me down clothes, always send a hand written thank you card in the mail to the giver.  They have given you a huge gift and you should thank them properly for it.

Option #3

Do you know that you will try for another baby?  Save everything that you can!  Chances are you purchased some of those clothes so why buy them again?  You can save money this way too.  After baby #1 grows out of any given size, throw them all in the washer.  If an outfit is clearly stained and the stain didn’t come out in the wash…throw it away.  That stain isn’t going to come out when you wash it after unpacking for baby #2.  Grab an plastic tote with a tight fitting lid.  Organize all of the clothes that you have into piles.  For example, put all of your pj’s together, all of the onzies together, etc.  When everything is organized, put them all in your bin!  Just like that, you have a whole wardrobe for baby #2.

My husband and I have always done this because we always knew that we were going to have more kids.  Even now, after our youngest, Rory, is growing, all of those clothes are being packed away because we know that we want one more.  Do your best to make sure that ALL of the clothes you have in one size make it into the bin so that you don’t have any random sizes that get mixed up in other bins.

Packing away baby clothes is pretty easy…

All 6-9 month clothes washed and laid out on the table

All of the girls clothes in the house were washed and laid out on the table to be sorted, folded properly, and organized.

All clothes organized into piles.

In the picture above, all of the clothes are organized into piles: pants/shorts, onzies, outfits, pj’s, dresses, jackets, and rompers.  Do you see the garbage bag on the right?  Those are all of the clothes that I will be donating to a local church’s “Clothesline Clothing Drive”.

These clothes fit nicely in a 32 gallon tote.  Then, on the top left corner on every side of the tote as well as the lid, the contents are marked.  That way, when it’s time to take these items out of storage, there is no excuse not to know exactly what is in there.

I will say, though, that Annalise and Rory grew at different rates so the seasons were off a little.  Apparently, Annalise wore summer clothes when she was wearing 12months while Rory is going to be in winter clothes when she grows into 12months.  This means that you will have to add to the closet.  In our area, though, we can have the weather of all four seasons in one week which means we need a little bit of everything in every size.