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Gender Reveal Paint Battle

Gender Reveal Paint Battle

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My husband and I are weird.  There is no getting around it.  We kind of enjoy how weird we are and we have come to embrace it.  With that being said, in almost all of the professional photos we’ve ever had taken, you will see a lot of our personalities shine through.  When we found out we were pregnant, I knew right away that I wanted to have a paint fight as a gender reveal.  There was simply no other way to capture our excitement while highlighting our quirky personalities.  I fell in love with the idea many moons ago when I saw the work of Limelight 31 Photography!  It was just too perfect for us and I knew that we had to replicate it.

When we went in for our ultrasound, the plan was that we would ask the technician to write the sex and seal it in an envelope for my husband to hold onto until it was time to do the reveal.  He couldn’t even wait to get out of the hospital to open the envelope!  He snuck into the bathroom and opened it.  When he came out, I knew immediately that he knew just from the look on his face.  I pouted the entire way to the car because I wanted to know, too.  When we finally got to the parking garage, I couldn’t wait…I almost started crying with anticipation.

He hesitated and tried to be a little silly by saying at first, “It’s a……….Ba-irl.”  I screamed at him and he got serious.  He looked at me and calmly said to me, “Carley, we’re having a baby girl.”  We both started crying and laughing because giving our older daughter, Annalise, a baby sister was the best gift either one of us could think to give her.

Obviously we lied to everyone and said that the baby wouldn’t cooperate during the ultrasound.  Some of our family was skeptical but Annalise believed us 100%.  We kept it a secret from Annalise for a month until the baby shower and everyone else found out when they walked in for the shower.

To the craft store!

I headed to Michaels knowing exactly what it was I needed.  I grabbed probably 20 bottles of washable paints from the Artminds collection, three plain white t-shirts, and a canvas.

It's a Girl


Annalise even helped me paint the pink and purple swirly background!  Isn’t that funny?  She had absolutely no idea.  Obviously I did the words and embellishments when she wasn’t around.

I contacted one of our friends who I knew was trying to get some experience with photography.  **Small side note.  When I asked her permission to feature her photos, I told her that her name would be ALL OVER this post!**  Her name is Autumn McMeans.  We set up a date, time, and location.  That poor woman’s camera was splattered with paint by the time we were done.  God bless Autumn McMeans.


Family throwing paint all over each other.


We stayed relatively clean at first because Annalise didn’t exactly know how to handle the situation.  My wonderful husband helped her get over that real fast though!  He really loves getting messy and he wasn’t about to be shy during our gender reveal!


All bets were off. Paint was everywhere.

Guys, all best were off.  Paint was absolutely everywhere.


And finally, our favorite…

Annalise is so happy about the gender reveal and getting a baby sister

Her face says it all.  Clayton and I were right, a baby sister is the best gift we could give to our little girl.

We are so excited that our paint battle was a success.  A special thanks to Autumn who was willing to put her and her equipment in the middle of the battlefield to capture this special moment for us.  Another special thanks to Autumn’s sister and brother-in-law who were gracious enough to let us have this epic battle in their back yard.