Front Porch Makeover Ideas

Front Porch Makeover

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Our front porch was an absolute eye sore, not to mention, incredibly dangerous.  To say that it was time for a makeover was an understatement.  Apparently, the cement started crumbling years ago after the previous owner used the wrong kind of salt when salting for the winter. As the cement deteriorated, the handrail fell off because there was nothing for it to anchor to. This was a huge problem for a number of reasons 1. We have children 2. We have elderly family members that visit often 3. Not having a handrail meant that our home was not up to code 4. We were getting water in the house 5. It decreased the value of our home.

Even one of those reasons would have been enough for me to want to fix it, but with all five combined, it needed done like yesterday.

Some Before Photos

Front porch before the makeover began

Crumbling cement on front porch

It’s hard to believe that for around $3,000, we were able to totally transform the front of our home from a dangerous eye sore to a statement and honestly, the talk of all the neighbors.

It took a lot of work and many mini projects to complete this transformation.

1. Poured new concrete stairs and pad

2. Installed a new railing from Lowes

3. Planted boxwood hedges

4. Removed previously planted flowers

5. Edged the new flower bed

6. Added stone to the new flower bed

7. Planted grass where the old flower bed was removed

8. Added a new welcome mat and wreath – check out my How to Make a Grapevine Wreath tutorial

Some During Photos

New concrete stairs and pad

Yay!  No more dangerous stairs!

New railing installed on front porch

The new railing really made a big difference by itself.

The hedges are in.

The hedges have all been planted.  My grandpap stopped over to help with these because he saw me struggling with the shovel.

** My grandparents live right next door to us and we honestly love it!

It took me all day but I got all of the other plants moved to the back flower bed.  Check out my post on how to Spruce Up a Flower Garden to see how it turned out with the addition of all my flowers!

My good friend from just up the street ended up taking all of those you see sitting in a pile up front.  I was so glad that someone else could use them!

I know that it’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but all of the edging is in.  🙂  I even edged around the tree so that mowing would be a little easier on my husband.

Some After Photos

Completed front porch makeover

The transformation has really been something.

It will look even better after the hedges have grown in and form a continuous form across the front.  They will hide the unsightly cinderblock leaving only the railing and front door visible.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that this was an inexpensive project because it wasn’t. However, we saved ourselves an absolute TON of money by waiting for the right concrete contractor, installing the railing ourselves, purchasing the hedges at the local discount store, and making our own wreath.

I think that the before and after photos prove that investing in our home was 100% the right choice.

Please comment with your thoughts, questions, and what inspires you. 😊 I’d love to hear from you!