This dollar store pumpkin was turned into an adorable fall decoration with ease. It is just so adorable!

Our youngest daughter’s 1st birthday is fast approaching.  Now judge me as you will but as soon as I had time to process that my due date was in October, I knew that I would have a “pumpkin patch” themed first birthday party.  I started pinning ideas when I couldn’t sleep from pregnancy pains.  Do you know how cute pumpkin patch birthday parties are?!  Adorable!  DIY pumpkin projects, here I come!

I started collecting the decorations in late August when the stores started selling fall décor items.  One item that I found was a carvable pumpkin at the dollar store.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it but it was a pumpkin for $1.

When I got home, I dug through my craft supplies and found exactly what I needed.  I had my inspiration.  The fate of this pumpkin was set.


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Here’s what I used:

Carvable Pumpkin from Dollar Tree

Apple Barrel Craft Paint in Antique Parchment

Martha Stewart Gold Glitter Craft Paint

Martha Stewart Gold Craft Paint

Paint Brushes – I used #9 to paint the white and #2 for the gold

Gold/Bronze flower and Off White foliage sprigs from Walmart ($.97 each)

Supplies needed to create a beautiful fall decoration.

Here’s how easy it was:

I started by painting the entire pumpkin with the Antique Parchment paint.  I let it dry completely before using my fan brush to add the gold.  When I say I let it completely dry, I was horribly impatient.  I sat in front of my air conditioning vent in the dining room trying to speed up the process.  I don’t know that it actually worked.

First step of pumpkin fall decor. Dollar store pumpkin painted white.

After I was satisfied that the white paint was actually dry, I started with the gold paint.  The amount of paint on my brush was barely noticeable.  I started painting from the top of the pumpkin and painted downward very lightly to achieve the brushed look.  I kept adding more gold until I was satisfied.  Yet again, I waited until it was completely dry before adding the gold glitter.

Step two of pumpkin fall decor. Gold paint brushed onto top of dollar store pumpkin.

I NEED to tell you that glitter makes my soul happy.  When I’m in the glitter aisle at the store, my husband has to give me a time limit.

There is no way I could call this pumpkin finished unless it had some glitter on it.  I went ahead and added gold glitter all over the gold paint!  It just makes it look so much better, don’t ya think?  You will notice, though, that the gold glitter paint changed the underlying gold color a little bit.

Step three. Gold glitter paint added to dollar store pumpkin.

Next, I cut all the flowers off of the stem.  I took the goofy stem off of the pumpkin and started arranging.  The flowers went in easily and I was able to quickly arrange them in a way that filled the top of the pumpkin.  You see how much I love these little pumpkins?  I have two more ready to go in the background!

Final step. Flowers and foliage added to the top of the dollar store pumpkin.

**Small side note, if you are going to use hot glue, do not add any until you’re satisfied with your arrangement.  I got a little slap happy and added mine too soon.  My pumpkin looked stupid and I accidently tore it trying to fix it.

The completed DIY pumpkin:

I think that this little decoration is just adorable.  I completed it for $3 and it will look great as a centerpiece at Rory’s birthday party.  Not to mention that I will reuse it afterward, probably on my entrance table.


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  • That is adorable! It turned out so cute!

    • Mrs. Pigeon

      Thanks Courtney! I was really happy with it.

  • So cute! I love how it turned out.

  • I wish I was good at DIY! I’m so not creative like you are! Great job!

  • Such a fun festive idea!! I’m totally trying this this year. I need to put my creative decorating skills to the test! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Wow, for $3.00! This is such a great DIY, lovin’ the glitz too!

  • Eryka

    what a fun idea! I’ll give it a try

  • This is adorable! What a great piece of fall decor.

  • My mom made something similar at a library event one year, but I REALLY love that you painted yours. Such a cute decoration, and I love the party theme.


  • SO cute! A pumpkin patch birthday seriously sounds like the cutest thing ever! <3

  • This is so adorable!

  • Ashley

    Love how you painted it and added the lovely flowers! Such fall perfection!

  • Love! So cute.

  • Perfect, I’ve been looking for just the right tutorial for this DIY project!

  • Britney

    I need some glitter paint! Looks pretty easy and cute.

  • I love the idea of a pumpkin patch themed birthday party for your daughter. This is so adorable and I’m sure this is going to be a big hit at the party!

  • This is so beautiful! If only I could make one look as pretty!

    xo, Taylor (

  • Omg I can’t believe how cute it turned out

  • Such a great DIY, I love those pumpkins from the Dollar Store, you can do so much with them!

  • How beautiful! You did a phenomenal job on that pumpkin!

  • kallie

    Came out SO cute, I love it!

  • Pumpkin patch is such an adorable theme for a birthday party! I love how trendy and sophisticated your diy is, definitely not your average pumpkin!

  • So pretty! I love decorating with fall leaves, pumpkins, and grapevine wreaths for fall and harvest themes. Gotta love the $ Store – I pick up a lot of craft supplies there! And no judgment here, because my youngest daughter (mommy of three of my four granddaughters) loves to do theme parties, too! 😉 The two oldest granddaughters just turned 3 and 5 years old (birthdays are about two weeks apart), and the theme was from the “Hungry Hungry Caterpillar” book . My daughter made a caterpillar “cake” from cupcakes and all the food served represented things from the book. Very creative!

    • Mrs. Pigeon

      Dr. Banks, it sounds like you have some happy granddaughters. 🙂 Enjoy them to the fullest and thanks for stopping by!

  • This is VeRY cute and looks pretty attainable. I can cook but I’m not very crafty. I’ll have it give this a try!

    • Mrs. Pigeon

      It was very easy. And if we get together, we can have it all because I’m not the greatest cook!