DIY Letters to the Bride

We’ve all seen those fantastic “Letters to the Bride” books and boxes on Pinterest.  They are such a fantastic idea!  A keepsake for the bride from all of her loved ones.  My soon to be sister-in-law was so hoping that we as bridesmaids would be able to pull this off.  I wasn’t going to drop the ball on something so important.

The problem?

I am not good at scrapbooking.  I mean…like downright horrible, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing, how in the world am I going to make this work’ type of horrible.  But I was determined.  So, after collecting all of the letters from her family and girlfriends, I headed to Michaels.  I was lost amongst all the albums, paper, stickers, and embellishments.  How in the world do some women make this look so easy?!  I mean, their pages turn out so beautiful!

I picked an album first because I knew I wanted one of the smaller ones.  Unfortunately, there weren’t a ton to choose from in the size I wanted.  I settled on this one and I don’t regret it!  After I started working, I loved that I was able to customize the word in the window below the cover picture.  After I picked my album, I knew that the color scheme had to match the album so I set out an a hunt for my embellishments.

Embellishments are so important!

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Because mint and pink are a popular color combination right now, that’s what I settled on.  I found these mint flowers, some pink paper flower embellishments, this washi tape, a pack of white paper doilies, a package of adhesive rhinestones, and some more washi tape that I found on clearance for $1.49 each.  They all seemed to match pretty well so I was satisfied.

Then I needed some paper.  I didn’t want white because I thought the doilies would blend in so I settled on a package of cream paper.

Supplies needed to complete the Letters to the Bride scrapbook

The price was really reasonable.

With a “40% off one regular priced item” coupon and a “40% off all regular priced Recollections paper craft products” coupon, my Michaels trip cost me less than $40.  I really thought this was pretty good considering I’ve dropped an embarrassingly absurd amount of money at Michaels in the past.

When I got home and started to arrange the letters and the embellishments on the paper, I thought it would be really nice to add some photos of the bride and the individual for each letter.  Off to Facebook I went!  I think I probably spent an hour going through the bride’s Facebook photos looking for all the right pictures but I found them!  I had them all printed in a 4″x4″ size through the Walgreens photo app and picked them up within the hour. Finally, I was ready to put it all together.

**Before you begin putting your pages together, make sure that the paper fits in the plastic sleeve of the album.  I had to cut mine down to size before pasting everything down.

It was actually pretty easy to put it together.

Each page probably took me about ten minutes after adhering all of the photos, letters, and embellishments.  I did have close to twenty letters, though, so it did take some time.  When all the pages were done, I organized them the way that I thought they would be important to her. I started with her family, friends were in the middle, and her soon to be husband was the last page.  Obviously I had to save the best for last.

The groom's page was obviously extra special and had to be saved for last.

Despite the fact that I was totally unsure of myself, this book turned out beautifully.  She absolutely loved it and I know how much it will mean to her as she gets older.  I’m so happy that I was able to put this together for her.  And for all of you who are looking to do the same but are just as afraid as I was, don’t be scared!

All finished!

So many people contributed to this book and it just goes to show how loved this beautiful bride is.  Each page was unique like all of those who wrote a letter.  Some people hand wrote theirs, some people printed them, and the kids even drew pictures!  We gave her the book after she had her hair done but before she got her makeup done.  I was so glad we went with this plan because she cried and it would have ruined her makeup!

Some of the finished pages in the Letters to the Bride scrapbook.

A special thanks.

A special thanks to Ashley from Bits of Memory Photography for capturing a few extra special moments of Tina with her book.  She took gorgeous photos of the whole day but I was excited that she was able to incorporate the letters to the bride.  I would also like to thank all of the family and friends who helped me coordinate the construction of this book.  There were many family members who sent letters from out of town and Angela, the other MoH, did a great job making sure that we had those letters.

The letters to the bride book with an edible arrangement the morning of the wedding.



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