DIY High Chair Banner

First birthday’s are kind of a big deal.  In today’s Pinterest driven society, the parties that go along with those first birthdays really are something to be seen.  There are so many fantastic ideas out there but one recurrent idea is a high chair banner.  When I first started planning Little Ro’s first birthday party, the high chair banners I was loving were around $30.  We are on a budget and I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money.  I chose to make my own and I’m glad I did.  The entire project cost me less than $10 and I spent a little less than an hour to complete it.

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Fabric in the pattern of your choice

Coordinating ribbon

Hot glue

Hot glue gun


Making a high chair banner is very simple and affordable. Follow these easy steps to create a beautiful high chair banner.

Step 1

Start by cutting your fabric into 1″ strips at a length that works well with your high chair.  Mine were around 12″ long.

*Some tutorials will start with ironing the fabric.  I didn’t have the time or the patience to do this and my finished product turned out just fine.

Start your high chair banner with one inch strips of fabric.Step 2

Unravel a small length of ribbon to start with.  You will be leaving 6-8″ of ribbon to use as a means of attachment.  When your glue gun is hot, lay a small amount of glue about half an inch from the top of the fabric.  Lay your piece of ribbon onto the strip of glue and immediately press firmly.  Please be careful as the glue will be hot.

Hot glue is much easier to use than needle and thread. Not to mention, it tuns out looking beautiful!Step 3

After you’ve adhered the ribbon to the fabric, place another strip of glue on the ribbon.  Fold down the excess fabric to create a clean line on the top of the banner.  Remember to be careful when pressing the fabric to the ribbon as the glue will be hot.

Step 4

Alternate your fabric choices as you go.  I used two different patterns but this would work nicely with any combination of patterns.  You’ll notice that my strips are by no means perfect and do not match in length.  Personally, I was not bothered by this at all but you could easily avoid these variations by measuring before you cut.

A high chair banner is very easy to make. Doing it yourself is one place you can save money on a first birthday party.Step 5

Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have filled the entire banner.  Check periodically against the high chair you’ll be using to ensure the correct size.

Step 6

Add an embellishment of your choice to finish it off.  I used pre-cut burlap squares to paint the O-N-E.  My penmanship is not necessarily fantastic so I used stencils to paint the letters.  It was just easier that way.  I attached those squares to the banner using hot glue.

A high chair banner is very quick and easy to make. Even the most beginner DIYer can tackle this simple project.


I absolutely love the way that it turned out.  We used it both for her party as well as her first birthday pictures.  In both instances, I just put a little hot glue on the ribbon and pressed it to the tray of the high chair.  When it was time to take it off, the hot glue peeled away easily and didn’t leave any marks.

Make your own high chair banner to celebrate your little one's first birthday.

Did you make your own high chair banner?  Feel free to share your photos!