These Kids are Crazy

The Slime Incident

Setting the Stage It was October 7, 2016.  A week prior, my sister-in-law had suggested we do something fun with all of the kids since she was babysitting.  She suggested that we make slime.  She had found a cool recipe on Pinterest and she had all of the “ingredients”.  Never having made slime before, I… Read More The Slime Incident


DIY Ultimate Slime Kit

There’s a very solid part of me that is bitter over writing this post.  My daughter, Lis, loves to watch YouTube videos of other people making slime. Naturally, after watching so many videos, she wanted to be making her own.  Now about two years ago, we had a slime “experience” involving Lis and three friends. … Read More DIY Ultimate Slime Kit


2018 Budget Calendars

Happy Thursday everyone!  It’s the middle of December already and I can’t believe it but here we are again.  This time every year, I start to set up for next year’s budget.  In our house, one of my main “jobs” is money management.  With only one regular income, four people, and three pets, every dollar… Read More 2018 Budget Calendars